Share a Book Review

Please share your thoughts on a book with us!

Are you a student or staff member of a school in Granite School District? We’d love to have your book recommendations.

The main purpose of these reviews is to help librarians find great new books to purchase for school libraries, recommend to students, read aloud, etc.

You can share a written review or you can share a video or audio recording, link to a project, slide deck, social media post, etc.


  • District "Review Books" usually have a sticker on the back saying they are a review book. If you review them you can add them to your school library or classroom library, or they can be given away to students as prizes. Visit to see what review books are available and request to read them. (Instructions: "How to Request Granite Media Review Books")
  • If you share your review of some other book that isn't a review book you may receive a free prize book from us, especially if you are a student.

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