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Between Two Brothers

Written by Crystal Allen Isaiah (Ice) and Seth have always been very close. Ice loves…

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The Cricket War

Written by Thọ Phạm & Sandra McTavish The Cricket War provides a unique perspective into…

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Ramadan Kareem

Written by M. O. Yuksel, Illustrated by Hatem Aly I really enjoyed this book about…

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Ride Beside Me

Written and Illustrated by Lucy Knisley This books shares an inside look at the community…

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Written by Kalyn Josephson After defeating the king of the dead, Anna and Colin are…

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The Real Deal

Written by Lindsey Stoddard Gabe and Oliver are best friends. They are so close that…

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Mirror to Mirror

Written by Rajani LaRocca This book brings up so many interesting topics: anxiety, identity, sibling…

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Maribel’s Year

Written by Michelle Sterling, Illustrated by Sarah Gonzales This book is like a love letter…

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Bunny with a Big Heart

Written by Marilyn Sadler, Illustrated by Tim Bowers P. J. Funnybunny is too busy, preoccupied,…

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Fox Has a Problem

Written and Illustrated by Corey R. Tabor This easy reader book is so cute! Little…

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