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May 13, 2024 Update: Sora Sweet Reads is now live in Granite’s Sora. Browse the collection in Sora and read on for more Sora summer reading features and resources.

Sora Sweet Reads - Always available ebooks and audiobooks - 15 May -28 August - Juvenile Graphic

Sora, Granite’s digital library of ebooks and audiobooks, will once again be open for students and staff all summer long! Here are some ways to make the most of it.

Shorter Wait Times in Sora

Beginning this week we are shortening wait times for the most popular titles in Sora by moving to a 3 holds-per-copy maximum ratio. This means that when there are three or more holds per copy of a title in Sora, we will purchase an additional copy. Additional copy purchases happen weekly while school is in session. (Previously this school year we maintained a 4 holds-per-copy maximum ratio.)

Sora Sweet Reads

Sora Sweet Reads - Always available ebooks and audiobooks - 15 May -28 August - General Graphic

Sora Sweet Reads is returning this summer with a new lineup of always available titles! From May 15 to August 28, 2024, this collection of 146 elementary titles (plus 16 additional titles for jr. high students and 16 additional titles for high school students) will be available for unlimited simultaneous checkouts: no holds necessary; no limit to how many students can borrow them at the same time.

Starting May 15 the Sweet Reads collection will appear at the top of the Explore screen in Sora when students log in to the Sora app ( with their Granite student number and current password.

Sora Sweet Reads Summer Reading Journal (Book Creator Template)

Screenshot - Book Creator - Sora Sweet Reads Summer Reading Journal
Screenshot – Book Creator – Sora Sweet Reads Summer Reading Journal

Sora has partnered with Book Creator to give students a new, engaging way to document their Sora Sweet Reads reading experience. Using a special template, students can complete

Sweet Reads in TeachingBooks

For Granite educators, Sora and TeachingBooks have curated collections of resources, supplements, and activities for the “Sweet Reads” books. Granite educators have paid access to TeachingBooks by logging in with their Google sign-in.

Sweet Reads Flyers, Posters, and Reading Challenge

Below are links to some printables for display and distribution to promote the Sora Sweet Reads summer reading collection. You can find additional promotional resources at

[Note: the QR codes in these documents currently point to the general information page for Sora Sweet Reads. Sometime on or after May 15, 2024 the QR codes in the documents and links in this post will be updated to point the live Sweet Reads collection in Granite’s instance of Sora.]

Magazines in Sora

Students can still access an extensive collection of always available, age appropriate, educational and entertaining magazines in Sora. The magazine collection is updated regularly and includes current and back issues, special editions, and single issues on high interest topics.  Follow the links below to browse the magazine collections in Granite’s Sora, or visit our earlier blog post on Magazines in Sora for more information.

Sora Collection – Magazines for Kids!
Sora Collection – Magazines for Teens!

Sora Salt Lake County Library Connect

Our friends at the Salt Lake County Library also curate an extensive collection of ebooks and audiobooks for children and teens in our community. Granite students can access the county’s collection within Sora using their Granite student number and password; a separate county library card is not required. Find the instructions to search and borrow from The County Library’s youth collection in Sora below.

Additional Resources

Visit our dedicated Sora information page for Granite students and staff at  ( See Granite’s collection and usage information, learn about other collections and features, find help videos, make purchase recommendations, and more.

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