Anti-racism, Justice, and Activism Books and Resources

In Granite’s Sora we’ve curated a collection of over 80 books for children and teens discussing race, racism, civil rights, social justice, and related topics, both fiction and nonfiction.

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Click here to download a printable version of the June 2020 highlights poster, or right-click on the image above and save it to re-share on social media or a school, library, or classroom website.

Sources and Additional Resources

Here are some of the key book lists and resources we used to build our collection. We were unable to purchase all of the books on these lists in Sora, so you may find more titles to check out from the Salt Lake City Public Library or Salt Lake County Public Libraries, or consider adding them to your school’s library collection in the fall.

“Children’s Books That Discuss Race & Racism,” a twitter thread from teacher Brittany Smith which went viral. She’s now also shared the list on her website:

We are also sharing these links and other resources on our Anti-Racism, Justice and Activism Books and Resources board in our newly reactivated Pinterest account.

If you have more books to suggest or resources to share, please share them with us! Comment below, share with us on Pinterest, or mention us on Twitter.

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