Sora | Summer Reading and Learning 2020

Sora is open for reading all summer! Sora is a reading app for Granite students, filled with thousands of ebooks and audiobooks you can borrow and read or listen to on any computer or smart device.

Screenshot of Explore Screen in Granite's Sora - 5/29/2020
Click the image above to visit Granite’s Sora. Log in with your student number and password.

Getting Started with Sora

To use Sora,

  1. Visit or install the app on your mobile device
  2. Find your school or enter the the code graniteut
  3. Log in with your student number and current school password (or employee username and password)
  4. Tap on the Explore tab to search or browse for books.
  5. You can borrow books and begin reading or listening to them in the web browser or app immediately.

All K-12 students and staff members in Granite School District have access to Sora. For more help using Granite’s Sora, visit

Summer Reads, Unlimited Checkouts

Sora Unlimited Checkouts Collection in Explore Tab - Screenshot - 5/29/2020

New titles are being added to Granite’s Sora regularly throughout the year, even during the summer. Check back in the app often to find new books to read and to see if your holds are ready.

Adding Public Libraries in Sora

You can also access public library OverDrive collections for kids and teens right in Sora. Watch the steps below to see how to tie your Salt Lake County Library, Salt Lake City Public Library, or Murray Library  card (all available free of charge for students, parents, and staff in Granite School District) in with the Sora app or website.

Summer Reading and Learning 2020

For more summer reading and learning ideas please visit the Summer Resources page on the district website, and follow our Ed. Tech. Summer Reading and Learning 2020 blog series throughout the summer.


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