Library Promotional Materials

Posters, displays, stickers, bookmarks, and more for use in library promotions.


Note: The Beehive Book Awards are administered by the Children’s Literature Association of Utah, a non-profit, volunteer organization. If you use Beehive lists or logos as a promotion tool in your library, please consider becoming a member of CLAU to support their work.

Posters, Displays, and Templates

In Granite School District, please contact a member of the district’s library media staff if you would like these or some other resource printed.  We can print posters and materials for our school libraries at reasonable costs.


Sound Files

You can use these sound files to update the sounds for various actions in Destiny Library Manager.  Right-click and choose “Save As…” to save these files to your computer.

[These sounds are courtesy of Christine Fatheringham (Rolling Meadows El.) and Sara Justet (Sandburg El.)]

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