A Taste of Colored Water

Once in a while I’m caught off guard by the tenderness of a book. When we opened our new school we ordered a lot of books that I hadn’t read (obviously :) ). I ordered the book  A Taste of Colored Water by Matt Faulkner because I had read a book that he illustrated.  I’m so glad I ordered this new book.  It’s a story of two young cousins who haven’t been “taught” about discrimination yet.  It so beautifully describes the innocence of children and the sometimes sad reality of the world around us.   Anyway, I thought it was special enough to bring to your attention.

Kim Jensen, Diamond Ridge Elem. Media Center

A Taste of Colored Water
Written and Illustrated by Matt Faulkner
Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing
48 p.
ISBN: 9781416916291
Released Jan. 2008

Matt Faulkner

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