A Zombie’s Guide To The Human Body

This is a very clever way to get kids to read about the parts of a body. Nice graphic pictures of zombies.

Review by Kathy Horne, Redwood Elem. School Media Center
Rating: 5 Stars
Interest Level: Grades 3-6

A Zombie’s Guide To The Human Body: Tasty Tidbits from Head to Toe
Written by Paul Beck
96 p.
ISBN: 9780545249799
Release Date: August 1, 2010

“Introduces young readers to every part of the human body, from head to toe, with illustrated zombies providing information on bones, muscles, veins, and organs.”


5 thoughts on “A Zombie’s Guide To The Human Body”

  1. Last time our group got together I noticed this book was on Josh’s review cart, but darn it… one of you fine ladies beat me to it. Then yesterday I had a visit from the Farmbook vendor and lo and behold, this was in his books he was quick selling… I scooped it up so fast. I think our students will love this book, its interesting and has really, really gross pictures. Just the thing to pic their interest. All that blood and guts, who wouldn’t want to sit and read this book.

    1. We got our copy last week and the kids are begging to check it out — it is really gross, and the students love it.

  2. This looks like a hit! My kids will love the idea of a Zombie teaching about the body. Gross things always get their attention. Definitely on my “to buy” list.

  3. I have a student who makes his own business cards claiming he is an expert on Zombies and always asks if we have any new books. He would love this one.

  4. I liked the review “Zombie’s Guide to the Human Body” by Paul Beck. The graphic cover of the book will really spark interest with students at my school. I’m going to have to purchase a few copies of this book..

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