Dust City

Life in the city just isn’t the same since the fairies disappeared. That old time magic seemed to disappear with them, and once upon a time seems like a distant fantasy. Now the world is controlled by Nimbus Thaumaturgical, and everyone craves the the magic dust they produce. Not nearly as strong or lasting as the original fairy dust, but it still provides relief from the discomforts of this world.

Life is equally miserable for Henry Whelp at St. Remis Home for Wayward Youth. Son of the Big Bad Wolf (who is serving a life sentence for the gruesome deaths of Red Riding Hood and her grandma) Henry just tries to fit in. But life takes an unexpected turn, and Henry must go underground in an attempt to discover what really happened to the fairies, and in return, clear his father’s name and save the rest of the creatures from extinction.

This is a fantastic fractured fairytale with suspense, memorable characters, and a message about the dangers of drugs and the power of pharmaceutical companies. You won’t be able to put it down!

Review by Rosanne Markham, West Lake Jr. High Media Center
Rating: Five Stars

Dust City
Written by Robert Paul Weston
Razorbill / Penguin
304 p.
ISBN: 9781595142962
Release Date: Sept. 30, 2010

Dust City – Official Website

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