Walls Within Walls

What a fun, interesting, exciting, and loving book to read. Walls within Walls is a modern tale of 3 children moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan’s upper east side. They don’t want to move and the apartment they are moving into is just plain old! The original owners made it so that the old stuff (walls) couldn’t be taken down. Soon though they discover that there is a great mystery going on in their home. There are walls in front of walls, secret passages, and even a treasure just waiting to be found. Can they do it?

Maureen Sherry has really written a wonderful book here. It is fun to read and even teaches us a little about history and learning to love and trust each other. I definitely would recommend this book to everyone.

Review by Irene Taylor, Vista Elem. School Media Center
Rating: ★★★★★

Walls Within Walls
Written by Maureen Sherry, Illustrated by Adam Stower
Kathrine Tegen Books / HarperCollins
368 p.
ISBN: 9780061767005
Release Date: September 14, 2010

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