Dark Fire (The Last Dragon Chronicles, Book 5)

Bestselling author David Rain was lost in the Arctic for five years. Now, his daughter, Alexa, has brought him back, but the dragons are back as well. Along with them is a trace of dark fire, the deadliest force in the universe. David, Lucy, and the Pennykettle dragons must destroy the dark fire before it’s discovered and used to birth a darkling…all at the risk of losing their beloved dragons.

I gave this book to a 5th grade student who had been reading the Last Dragon Chronicles to read and report on. His comments:

“Dark fire was an exciting adventure which got me hooked so I couldn’t put it down unless my mom took it from me. I highly recommend this book for kids my age and older.”

Review by Leanna Griffiths, Crestview El. School Media Center
Rating: 5 Stars
Interest Level: Grades 4 and Up

Chris d’Lacey – Official Website

Dark Fire (The Last Dragon Chronicles, Book 5)
Written by Chris d’Lacey
Orchard / Scholastic
576 p.
Release Date: Apr. 1, 2011 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780545102728 (hardback); 9780545102735 (paperback)

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  1. Becky Wakefield

    We don’t have this series in our library…yet. I’ve had several requests so it’s defintely on my “to order” list. Thanks for the review & the student’s coments. Very helpful!

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