Upcoming Event: Utah Libraries Snapshot 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 will be Utah’s annual Library Snapshot Day. This is an opportunity for every library in the state, whether school libraries, public libraries, or academic libraries, to take a “snapshot” of what they do on an average day and demonstrate how important they are to their users and communities.

Our district’s own Cyprus High School Media Center made a great presentation for last year’s library snapshot, and it would be great to see many more schools get involved this year. The Utah State Library has set up a Utah Libraries Snapshot 2011 wiki, which has much more information about Snapshot Day and provides a forum for every library in the state to share the results of their snapshot days. Check it out:

We would also love to post your promotions here on Granite Media. You could take photos of your displays and promotions, record video interviews with students telling why they like the library or how it has been useful to them, show off your circulation stats, have fine sales, anything. This is good motivation to promote your library however you see fit and help students, teachers, administrators, parents and decision-makers see how important and valuable your library is to the school community. Let us know what you are doing so we can share it and inspire everyone with new ideas!

Utah Libraries Snapshot is also scheduled in conjunction with National Libraries Week.

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