Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! (and Read Across America Day)

Thursday, March 2 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! What are you doing to celebrate?

Thursday, March 2 is the birthday of Dr. Seuss, and is commemorated by the National Education Association as Read Across America day.

If your school or library does anything fun for this day, please share what you do in the comments!

Here’s the appropriately noisy and flashy Dr. Seuss website with lots of printouts and other resources, both for Read Across America day and all other things Seussical.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! (and Read Across America Day)”

  1. Giveaway! I have a packet of Dr. Seuss-Related promotional materials, including a bunch of 75th Anniversary And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street bookmarks, and a Lorax movie poster. Leave a comment here to say you want it, and I will send it to you. Thanks!

  2. It took a while to load up on my computer (that’s why I have another comment) but the site you suggested about the book covers of Dr. Seuss books by other illustrators is really cute. Thanks for making us aware of it.

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