The Pirates Next Door

Written and Illustrated by Jonny Duddle

Matilda lived in Dull-on-Sea, which was very busy in the summer and very boring in the winter. She did not have a lot of kids that lived around her and she really hoped that a little girl her age would move in to the house next door. It had been for sale for a long time. She had no idea how exciting life could be until a pirate family moved in one day. They didn’t act like anyone else, dress like anyone else, or talk like anyone else in town. She thought it was so great to have a friend that acted so differently. Not everyone in town felt the same as Tilda did though. Their pirate ship obstructed Miss Pinky’s view, so she called the town council and Mrs. Bevan collected 50 signatures on a petition to get them kicked out of town. The pirates, however, did not intend to stay long, and left a wonderful surprise for everyone in town. This is a great little story about how we should not turn our noses up at people just because they are different than we are, and people really can surprise you. The lyrical rhyming and the wonderful illustrations will make this a fun read for children of all ages.

Review by Cindy Dunn, Granite Elementary Media Supervisor
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Interest Level: Grades K-4

The Pirates Next Door
Written and Illustrated by Jonny Duddle
Templar Books / Candlewick Press
44 pages
Release Date: February 28, 2012
ISBN: 9780763658427 (hardcover)

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13 thoughts on “The Pirates Next Door”

  1. Thanks for the comments. This is, as you’ve already surmised, a giveaway, so leave a comment here for your chance to win this book for your school. I will close the contest at 4 PM on Tuesday February 21, 2012.

  2. I can tell from the cover that this is a book that the kids will pick up and open. Would love it if you sent it our way!

  3. I love Pirates!!! I want one of these for my home!! I don’t think it would get much use here, but I just wanted to comment anyway because this book looks so fun!

  4. Just this week I have had several students ask for pirate books. This book would be perfect for our library and sounds like so much fun to read.

  5. i would love to try this book on my 1st grade classes. They love pirates, and I love when there is an underlying message in the content!

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