Author Visit: Brandon Sanderson at Evergreen Jr. High

Yesterday, students at Evergreen Jr. High were graced with a visit from Brandon Sanderson, author of Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and many other fantasy novels for adults, teens, and children. He shared with students his story of being uninterested in reading as a child until an excellent 8th Grade English teacher recommended he read Dragonsbane for an assignment. He quickly grew to love epic fantasy writing and began practicing writing fantasy himself. He says books are like shoes: you must find the books that fit you or reading will be very uncomfortable, and although not all books fit all people, there are books that will fit anyone.

Sanderson also demonstrated how to come up with ideas for stories by collaborating with the students in brainstorming interesting characters, settings, and conflicts for a potential novel.

It was a fun, engaging presentation that inspired students in reading, writing, storytelling, and the need for constant practice and persistence to improve and reach goals. Thanks, Brandon, for sharing your stories and time with our students! Thanks also to Brad Butcher, Media Specialist at Evergreen Jr. High, for setting up these great author visit opportunities for students.

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