Hello, I’m Johnny Cash

helloimjohnnycashWritten by G. Neri, Illustrated by A.G. Ford

This book is well written about a man named Johnny Cash, who was simply called J.R. in the beginning. He was given a radio at a young age, and he listened to it all of the time. Then he became a “human radio” by singing everywhere he went, starting at age five. J.R. was very close to his brother Jack and was devastated when he passed away. Music always kept him going despite the hard labor in cotton fields and losing his brother. A crippled boy, who loved music too, taught J.R. how to play the guitar. His dreams became bigger after hearing country boys sing in person. Always encouraged by his mother, he kept singing after work and at church. He knew that his voice was a special gift to be shared.

John R. Cash was his name in the military where he was sent to Germany. He started wearing black with two others on stage at a church. He was impressed with Elvis Presley. Finally Johnny Cash’s first song he’d written was recorded and aired on the radio. He loved singing and getting paid for it—and especially enjoyed helping others overcome homesickness and pains of all kinds.

The story captures the audience as we learn about a man who pursued his dreams despite the hardships of life. Johnny Cash became who he was and sang the way he did because of his hardships.

Review by Gloria Savage, Jim Bridger Elementary Media Center
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Interest Level: 4th-6th

Author Website: http://www.gregneri.com/
Illustrator Website: http://www.agfordillustration.com/

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash
Written by G. Neri, Illustrated by A.G. Ford
Candlewick Press
40 pages
Release Date: September 9, 2014
ISBN: 9780763662455 (hardcover)

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