Roc and Roe’s Twelve Days of Christmas

rocandroechristmasWritten by Nick Cannon, Illustrated by A.G. Ford

What we have here is another rendering of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by Nick Cannon, who happens to be Roc and Roe’s dad and Mariah Carey’s husband. The illustrations by A.G. Ford are cute and colorful, and the page spreads are really nice. I even like the font and text placement, but the actual verse doesn’t flow very well at all. If you are going to do a knock-off of a beloved Christmas poem, please have the courtesy to make sure that your meter is on. The very first line for example: On the first day of Christmas, Roc and Roe put on their Christmas tree an angel with sparkly, shiny wings. I would think someone in the music industry would be savvy to this concept. Although I didn’t “hate” the book, it wouldn’t make it on the list of books I have to have for my library. Kids may love because it is a Christmas book with good illustrations.

Review by Christine Fotheringham, Rolling Meadows ElementaryMedia Center
Rating: ★★½✩✩ (2.5 stars)
Interest Level: Grades K-3

Roc and Roe’s Twelve Days of Christmas
Written by Nick Cannon AG Ford
Scholastic Press
32 pages
Release Date: October 21, 2014
ISBN: 9780545519502 (hardcover)

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