Key Discoveries in Engineering and Design

Key Discoveries in Science and EngineeringWritten by Christine Zuchora-Walske

This book has a wealth of information about how things have developed through technology. The topics are arches, printing methods, engines powered differently, and computing. As civilization changes, so too does our technology. Or maybe the technology changes first. Engineering has great human impacts.

It is easy to tell the author has a lot of information to share and great background knowledge. The writing is richly packed. The pictures are clear and fairly helpful. The picture of the “aeolipile” helped a lot. The author went to the include photographs and artwork that is older. The timelines are at the beginning in each chapter. The pages are color coded by chapter. The reading level is 7.0.

This is an interesting book in that it is not really about things such as the arch. It is about the advancement of civilization by ideas. How can the arch change? What can make it better? Development and growth change through modifying ideas – through engineering change. These engineering ideas have changed and developed over time.

The information in the book really is interesting. The intended readership isn’t as clear. Maybe students looking for careers, or who enjoy historical perspective may search this out. Otherwise all this great information may all stay on the shelf.

Review by Cheryl Baker, Teacher, Mill Creek Elementary
Rating: ★★★★✩ (4 stars)
Interest Level: 5-8

Key Discoveries in Engineering and Design
Written by Christine Zuchora-Walske
Lerner Publications
48 pages
Release Date: April 1, 2015

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