Sport-O-RamaBy Benoit Tardif

In the book Sport-O-Rama, by Benoit Tardif, readers will want to closely examine each of the 23 sports that are included in the book. Tardif’s colorful illustrations consist of entertaining child-like drawings. Tardif’s drawings contain details such as a “very, very tall” basketball player, a soccer player yelling “out of my way!” and an injured player saying “ouch!” Tardif includes a wide range of sports from fencing to baseball to judo to speed skating to badminton! There are 23 sports altogether.

I think students will not want to put it down as they explore one sport after another.

Review by Laurie Blake, Roosevelt Elementary Media Center
Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5 stars)
Interest Level: 1st through 3rd Grade

By Benoit Tardif
Kids Can Press
55 pages
Release Date: March 1, 2015

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