Library Spotlight: Beehive Winners at Rolling Meadows Elemementary

Student readers at Rolling Meadows Elem.

These happy students at Rolling Meadows Elementary won the school-wide reading contest by reading all (or almost all) of the 2015-16 Beehive Book Award nominees for youth. Congratulations!

Special thanks to Christine Fotheringham, the media clerk at Rolling Meadows Elem., for sponsoring this reading promotion and sharing this photo with us.

For more information on the Beehive Book Awards, visit the official site of the Children’s Literature Association of Utah. For another great reading promotion for your school with a Beehive tie-in, check out Granite’s new Battle of the Books program.

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3 thoughts on “Library Spotlight: Beehive Winners at Rolling Meadows Elemementary”

  1. This year we are trying to promote voting on the Beehive nominee books for our older grades. We’re having a contest to see which class submits the most votes. I would love to hear the details of what Christine Fotheringham did for her reading contest at Rolling Meadows Elem.

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