The Whale

The WhaleBy Ethan Murrow and Vita Murrow

What drew me to this book first was the amazing illustrations. Ethan did each one in pencil. I’m so impressed with what big talent and a little graphite can do. The story is delightful too. The beginning starts with a newspaper clipping about a possible whale sighting 50 years ago. Two young people decide to set off on their own to see if it was true. After a mishap, they join forces on their adventure, all described through pictures. The end turns to the newspaper again for a clever conclusion. I recommend this for all ages.

Review by Teresa Edmunds, Westbrook Elementary Media Center
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Interest Level: Grades K-12

The Whale
By Ethan Murrow and Vita Murrow
Templar Books, an imprint of Candlewick Press
32 pages
Release Date: April 12, 2016 (USA)

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