Fluffy Strikes Back

fluffy-strikes-backWritten and Illustrated by Ashley Spires

The graphic illustrations in this book are cute. The idea is fun: a secret agent cat that saves the world from aliens. But it falls flat. The “aliens” are bugs and animal agents are deployed throughout the world to keep them from taking over. Fluffy is the head honcho who misses his glory days in the field. He gets his chance for some real action when bugs invade the head office. There are a few poop jokes and silly butt shots. The problem is that the telling of the story often falls into the “this happened and then that happened” format. Still, young readers might find the book appealing.

Review by Teresa Edmunds, Westbrook Elementary Media Center
Rating: ★★★✩✩ (3 stars)
Interest Level: Grades K-3

Fluffy Strikes Back
Written and Illustrated by Ashley Spires
Kids Can Press
72 pages
Release Date: April 5, 2016
A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review. This is another wonderful graphic novel.I want to add to our library collection!

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