Black Excellence and Black History Month 2020: Book Lists, Posters, Resources

For Black History Month (February 2020) and in connection with Granite’s recent Black Excellence Celebration, we are curating popular and award-winning books by African American authors and illustrators, as well as other library and learning resources that celebrate African American history and culture.

Black Excellence Author/Illustrator Displays and Bookmarks

For Granite’s Black Excellence night, Marci Bishop, District Elementary Library Media Specialist, created these printable displays and bookmarks featuring award winning African American authors and illustrators of children’s literature. You can download the printable displays and bookmarks here, and view the gallery below.

Black Excellence and Black History Month Resources – Destiny Collections

In Destiny Collections, a curation tool which is part of the library catalog software used by school libraries in Granite School District, we are curating books on Black History Month available in our libraries, as well as links to additional digital resources for teaching and learning about African American history and culture. Browse the collection here.

We will also be featuring resources from this collection throughout the month on our @GraniteEdTech social media channels. If you have suggestions for more resources to add to the collection, please share with us! You can leave a comment below, mention us on social media, or use the #gsdlibraries and/or #gsdedtech hashtags on social media.

Sora Black Excellence Collection

In connection with Black Excellence Night we also curated a collection of popular and award-winning ebooks and audiobooks in Sora, which Granite students and staff members can access here.

Sora Secondary Featured Titles Posters – Feburary 2020

Cindy Moyle, District Secondary Library Media Specialist in Granite School District, also created the following posters to be displayed in school libraries and classrooms to promote ebooks and audiobooks in Sora in February 2020. Download a printable PDF file of these posters here. View the images below and right-click to save images for use on a classroom or library website.

Sora is an app which gives Granite students and staff access to a large digital library of ebooks and audiobooks. You can learn more about Sora in Granite School District here, or contact a library or technology specialist at your school with more questions about Sora.

Black Excellence Quote Images for Social Media Posts

Joshua Whiting in the Educational Technology Department began using free-use photos from Unsplash with Canva to quickly create images of the above bookmark quotes that could be shared on Instagram and other social media channels. We will collect them here as they are created and shared.

“Your dream is the mole
behind your ear,
that chip in your
front tooth,
your freckles.
It's the thing that makes
you special,
but not the thing that makes
you great.
The courage in trying,
the passion in living,
and the acknowledgement
and appreciation of
the beauty happening around
you does that.”
― Jason Reynolds, from For Every One
Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash

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