Red Tigress

The Sequel to Blood Heir

Written by Amélie Wen Zhao

This author put a lot of thought and effort into her plot and details. This is book two out of three, but can easily be read by itself without having read the first book. There is fantasy, war, action, suspense, mystery, and even a light touch of romance. The chapters rotate between characters’ points of view, and the author keeps you guessing as to who’s allegiance is with which side of a battle between different empires for domination.

There is a lot of bloodshed in this book. It may be a little shocking if the reader is not used to reading books full of bloodshed. The author does a very good job helping the reader to visualize and feel the pain being felt by those who are on the receiving end of such attacks. There are a few bad words and some drinking, but nothing excessive, and the book would not be very realistic without them.

The theme of the book is that you always have a choice between good and evil. No matter what your life circumstances are, you still have a choice. Fighting for what is right has more value than anything else in this world. I think this book would be good for high school students who love high-adrenaline books full of action and characters with supernatural abilities.

Reviewed by Bonnie Barrett, Teacher, Eisenhower Jr. High
Review shared in February 2023
Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5 stars)
Interest Level: Grades 8+

Red Tigress
Written by Amélie Wen Zhao
434 pages
Release Date: March 1, 2021
ISBN: 9780525707837 (hardcover) / 9780525707868 (paperback)
A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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