Library Mouse: A World to Explore

A cute story about a library mouse named Sam, who has a cozy home in the wall behind the children’s reference books at the library. By day he sleeps and every night he goes looking for adventure between the covers of the library books. One evening while Sam goes on a stroll looking for books, he suddenly meets Sarah, an explorer mouse who lives on the other side of the library. They become friends. She gives Sam the courage to climb the highest library shelves and beyond, and Sam shows her how to explore the world through reading.

The story is written in a nice, bold font and has beautiful and colorful pictures depicting the library shelves full of books, and displays on top. This is a delightful story to read to the children during their library time, about friendship, courage, and exploring the world through reading.

Rating: ★★★★★
Review by Bonnie Prime, Taylorsville Elementary School Media Center

Library Mouse: A World to Explore
Written and Illustrated by Daniel Kirk
Abrams Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780810989689
32 p.

A World to Explore is the third book by Daniel Kirk to feature Sam the Library Mouse. You can learn more about Library Mouse and Daniel Kirk’s many other books at his web site, The site also provides a peak inside the illustrating process, classroom activities related to his books, and much more.

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