Granite Media Best Books of 2010: VOTING EXTENDED!

UPDATE: Voting for the Granite Media Best Books of 2010 has been extended for one additional week. Students, Teachers, Librarians: please vote for your favorite books of 2010!

As we kick off our new library media web site, we’d like to celebrate the favorite books of 2010 in Granite School District with the first ever Granite Media Book Awards. We want your nominations! Voting is simple: just pick a category in the form below and name up to five favorite titles released in the last year. You can vote in as many or as few categories as you wish; just fill out the form again for each category.

Anyone associated with a Granite School District school (teacher, student, parent, or other staff) is welcome to vote. Voting will be open until 12/31/2010.  Nominators will remain anonymous. Only books published in 2010 should be nominated.

In the second week of January we will share the winners, as well as “long lists” of all the titles nominated in each category. These lists should become a good resource for collection development and for finding cool, new books to recommend to students and read ourselves.

We look forward to seeing your nominations!
Any questions? Comment below or contact Josh Whiting.

Voting has now closed.


1 thought on “Granite Media Best Books of 2010: VOTING EXTENDED!”

  1. Here are some notes on how votes will be counted or disqualified.

    I apologize for the confusion that some had with the 2010 rule. Just to clarify, we are looking for books published in 2010. Votes for older books, though great books they may be, won’t be counted. We wanted everyone to share recently published titles that they love, and limiting it to the past year seemed a somewhat standard cut-off point. Since we did not make a distinction as to “first-time” publication (hardcover vs. paperback editions) this will actually give a 1-2 year leeway on some titles. For example, we have received several votes for the book Chains. Chains was first published in 2008, but the paperback edition was published in 2010, and since we did not specify that it needed to be a first edition we will probably count the votes for Chains.

    If a whole series or an older, ineligible title in a series is nominated, we are applying that vote to the most recent book in the series published in 2010. For example, votes for “The Hunger Games Trilogy” will be counted towards Mockingjay, votes for “Wimpy Kid” will go to The Ugly Truth, etc.

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