A dystopian fantasy in a future world that has gone back to simpler medieval times in dress, housing, etc. All the “undesirables” have been imprisoned in a huge, almost endless prison called Incarceron. Life there is harsh and it seems that no one can enter or leave this prison, but Finn has vague recollections of somewhere “outside.” Claudia, the Warden’s daughter, engaged to marry the prince, somehow knows that Finn is really the missing “real” prince. The reader finds a twist in the story as we find out how big Incarceron really is and where it is located. The story definitely does not end and we are anxious for a sequel.

Review by Fay Mason, Churchill Jr. High School Media Center
Rating: 5 Stars
Interest Level: Grades 7 and Up

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Catherine Fisher – Official Website

Written by Catherine Fisher
Firebird / Penguin Group
442 p.
Release Date: February 8, 2011 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780803733961

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  1. I really want to read this book! Every review I read just gets me more interested! I get nervous starting science fiction books though! I’m going to enjoy it right?

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