Life After Theft

lifeaftertheftWritten by Aprilynne Pike

Setting: Santa Monica California – a private school for privileged kids

Characters: Jeff Clayson is the main character. He just moved to Santa Monica from Phoenix and is the new kid at school. Kimberlee Schaffer is dead. She drowned a year ago in the ocean. She was not a nice person. She was mean and manipulative. She was spoiled rotten.

Good Points: The story is fast paced and I liked to watch the development of Jeff as he maneuvered through the challenges he faced.

Bad Points: There was a considerable amount of swearing. It was typical high school language. There was one scene at a party where drinking was going on. There is also a scene where Jeff and his girlfriend Sera have sex. This scene was not graphic but there was no question what was going on.

Plot Summary: Jeff has just arrived at his new school. Lying down in the middle of the hall is a girl. Another boy is about to run all over her when he tries to save her from getting hurt. The girl’s name is Kimberlee. He quickly realizes she is a ghost and has been dead for a year. He is the only person who can see her. She wants to move on and feels she has to make up for all the bad deeds she did while she was alive. She stole things – not because she couldn’t afford them but because of the thrill it gave her. She needs Jeff to return all that she stole. The story feels authentic and very believable – of course you have to believe in ghosts. There is growth in both Jeff and Kimberlee as the story progresses. I liked the story!

Ending: It was a good ending that left me feeling good about doing and being good.

Review by Warren Child, Cyprus High School Media Center
Rating: ★★★★✩ (4 stars)
Interest Level: Grades 10-12

Author Website:

Life After Theft
Written by Aprilynne Pike
345 pages
Release Date: April 30, 2013
ISBN: 9780061999000 (hardcover)

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