Library Tip: Starting the Year (Elementary Schools)

startingtheyearAs the new school year begins and you return to your libraries, here are some reminders, guidelines and suggestions for getting off to a great start! Included are links to instructions for updating settings in Destiny, library promotions to plan, and items to cover in your library orientations.

Do you have additional ideas or suggestions for starting the year? Please share them in the comments section below.

Click here for a printable PDF version of these instructions.



Library Environment

  • Create Displays
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Posters

Order New Release Titles

Process Books (and textbooks, if applicable)

Plan Library Promotion

  • Book of the Month(s)
  • Reading contest
  • Rewards, etc.

Prepare for Library Orientation

Orientation should be done the first time each class comes to library.

Cover the following items:

  • Familiarize both students and teachers with the media center
  • Review library hours, policies, and procedures
    • Library rules
    • How to treat books
    • How they can help to keep the library organized – using shelf markers
    • The procedure for selecting and checking out a book
  • Share your favorite story
  • Promote literature
  • Promote the Granite Book Awards program (

Prepare for Opening the Library

  • Print class lists
  • Policies – fines, hours, checkout, textbooks
  • Display the policies

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