mastermindsWritten by Gordon Korman

Serenity, New Mexico is the ideal community. Everyone is prosperous (a swimming pool and tree house at every home), free from crime, clean, and all the adults work at the productive Serenity Plastics Works. Eli cannot think of a better place to grow up. Then one day he and his best friend Randy bike ride out to the city limits and Eli becomes violently ill. And now Randy must move to Colorado to live with his grandparents. What is going on? Eli finds a letter from Randy in only a place he would know, telling Eli “There’s something screwy going on in that town.” Suddenly Serenity is not what it appears and Eli and his friends begin to investigate with shocking results. Their lives have totally turned upside down when they find out their ideal crime-free neighborhood is connected to some of the greatest criminals. Everything and everyone is not what they appear to be. Masterminds is the new novel by “the mastermind himself” Gordon Korman. This fast-paced page turner is told in alternating chapters of the main characters: Eli, Tori, Malik, Amber, and Hector. There are shocks and surprises at every turn. I felt like I was right there with the kids, the text is so descriptive. And of course there is a major cliff hanger at the end. How long must I wait for Book 2? This is an amazing read and one that I could not put down. I was reading well into the early morning hours just to find out what happens next. And if you need more endorsements, the cover of the book has recommendations from some of the great children’s and young adult authors: James Patterson, Brandon Mull, James Dashner and Peter Lerangis.

Review by Renee Larsen, Hillside Elementary Media Center
Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Interest Level: Grades 3-6

Written by Gordon Korman
Balzer + Bray
323 pages
Release Date: February 3, 2015

Categories: Elem. – Fiction
Tags: Cloning, Experiments, Criminals, Science fiction

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