New YA Titles in Granite’s OverDrive for Fall 2016



These images highlight a few of the young adult fiction titles that have recently been added to Granite’s OverDrive Digital Library. You can print them out and display them in your library or classroom, or display them them to a school or class website.

(Granite’s OverDrive provides free access to ebooks and digital audiobooks for all students and staff in Granite School District. Granite’s OverDrive can be accessed on the web at or via OverDrive apps designed for various mobile devices. For more information or help getting started with OverDrive, visit

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7 thoughts on “New YA Titles in Granite’s OverDrive for Fall 2016”

  1. Thanks for this list. Although I don’t read YA books very often, there are some books that I will put on my to read list.

  2. This is a good resource for the 6th grade readers at our school. We don’t always have these books in our library but they like seeing books of interest they can pursue at the public library.

    1. Just by way of reminder, your 6th graders actually have access to most of the YA books in OverDrive so that is another option for them besides going to the public library. Our access levels are Juvenile:Grades K-5, YA:Grades 6-9, Adult:Grades 10-12+Staff. There are a few YA titles we consider “High School Only” and put them in that Adult category, but most YA books would be available to 6th Grade.

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