OverDrive Monthly Circulation Competition Update for November 2017

In November 2017, students and staff in Granite School District checked out over 14,700 ebooks and audiobooks from our OverDrive Digital Library. This is up 2,000 from last month. The infographic below reveals the top five schools for the month.

OverDrive Top November 2017 Circulation Infographic
OverDrive Top November 2017 Circulation Infographic

For 2017-18 the Granite Educational Technology department is sponsoring a monthly checkout competition between schools, with four traveling trophies awarded to the highest circulating elementary and secondary schools, as well as the “most increased” elementary and secondary schools.

November 2017 Top Circulations

In November 2017, Beehive Elementary and West Lake STEM Jr. High held their spots at the top and therefore keep the trophies which they were awarded for winning the September 2017 competition. Members of the Educational Technology Department still visited them with treats.

West Lake Jr. - Top Secondary Circulation November 2017
West Lake STEM Jr. High maintains their status as the top circulating secondary school, and 2nd place overall. Pictured: Connielyn Perkins, Media Clerk; Craig Edwards, Library Media Educational Technology Specialist.
Beehive Elementary - Top Circulation November 2017
Beehive Elementary is the top circulating school in district for the third month straight. Pictured: Misty Butterfield, School Technology Specialist; Susan Wilkerson, Media Clerk; Classroom of enthusiastic digital readers.

November 2017 Most Improved

We are excited to announce two new winners in the “Most Improved” category: congratulations to Pleasant Green Elementary and Kearns Senior High! Pleasant Green’s improvement was the most dramatic, moving from zero checkouts in October to 4th place overall in November.

OverDrive November 2017 Most Improved Infographic
OverDrive November 2017 Most Improved Infographic


Pleasant Green Elementary Most Improved November 2017
Pleasant Green Elementary showed the most dramatic single month improvement of any school in November, going from zero checkouts to 4th place overall in one month. Pictured: Sharon Prescott, Principal; Jayanne Unander, School Technology Specialist.


Kearns High - Most Improved November 2017
Kearns Sr. High had the largest growth in circulations of any secondary school in November 2017. Pictured: Jennifer Peirce, Educational Technology Team Leader and former LMETS at Kearns Sr.; Nancy Heckenliable, Media Secretary at Kearns Sr.; Cindy Moyle, District Library Supervisor for Secondary Schools; Aimee Duran, Library Media Educational Technology Specialist at Kearns Sr. High.

Granite OverDrive Circulation Site

Alyssa Carraway, secretary in the Educational Technology department, tracks these checkout numbers and has used Google Sites to create a simple but beautiful website to share this data with our district throughout the year. She uses Canva to convey the data in infographics, such as the year-to-date information shared below. You can check out the full site for more details on Granite OverDrive usage per school, as well as monthly updates on our OverDrive checkouts competition winners.


(Granite’s OverDrive provides free access to ebooks and digital audiobooks for all students and staff in Granite School District. Granite’s OverDrive can be accessed on the web at http://granite.lib.overdrive.com or via OverDrive apps designed for various mobile devices. For more information or help getting started with OverDrive, visit https://www.graniteschools.org/edtech/overdrive.)

Infographics and Granite OverDrive Circulation Site created by Alyssa Carraway, Administrative Secretary, Educational Technology Dept. OverDrive posters designed by Cindy Moyle,
Secondary Library Media Supervisor, Educational Technology Dept.

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